About EuroSun

Solar Hot Water Installation Perth

Eurosun is an Australian owned and operated solar hot water system supplier and installer, with over 20 years industry experience. We specialise in providing roof mounted solar systems that harness the latest solar technology, to produce highly efficient results for your home.

Water heating accounts for around 25% of the average household’s energy use in Australia. Our range of cost effective solar systems are designed to reduce your energy consumption by making the most of the Western Australian climate, and provide up to 85% of your home’s hot water needs with free energy from the sun. With a Eurosun solar hot water system installed on your home, you can save money, energy and the environment.

Expert Installations

All of our solar system installers are locally certified and have years of industry experience and knowledge behind them. They will determine the best location for your solar hot water system so that it provides maximum exposure, and expertly install the system to ensure peak performance.

We also provide peace of mind payment plans for all of our products and solar hot water system installations, and offer up to 5 years’ warranty on tanks and panels, and a 1-year warranty on parts and labour.

Customers are required to register their warranty within 6 weeks of the installation in order to be eligible to make a claim. All claims must be made within one month of the detection of the fault.

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For all warranty issues please contact Eurosun:
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What size system is best for you

Depending on your household needs, Eurosun Systems are available with a 200 Litre storage capacity, or 300 Litre storage capacity tank.
Eurosun Systems are a roof mount design, making them suitable to not only houses, but also units and town-houses as they don’t . . .

How do solar systems work?

The solar collectors and tank are mounted on the roof, placed accordingly for maximum sunlight. The solar collectors (panels) absorb energy from the sun to heat water for your home. The heated water is passed and stored in the insulated tank for when you need it. . . .

Solar System Benefits

Install a Eurosun Solar Systems are a great option to take advantage of Western Australia’s abundant supply of sunlight.
Once installed, the system will provide between 75%-85% of a households hot water needs at no cost, significantly reducing gas / electricity bills . . .

How you can benefit from a Eurosun solar hot water system

Free energy from the sun

Western Australia is officially the sunniest state in Australia, averaging more sunny days and hours in the day annually than anywhere else in the country. So it makes perfect sense to let the sun do the hard work for you, by supplying a renewable source of free energy to heat the water in your home. Our durable systems are designed to meet WA conditions, so you can really notice the benefits of owning a solar hot water system all year round.

Reduced electrical bills

Water heating is the second largest contributor to household energy use (after room heating and cooling). And, as electricity costs in your home continue to rise, one of the easiest ways to reduce your bills is by installing an efficient, money saving solar hot water system with Eurosun. Once installed, the system can provide anywhere between 75-85% of your hot water needs at no additional cost. You will also maximise your energy savings by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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