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Eurosun brings on-board over 60 years’ experience in hot water systems through a partnership with Solar Repairs, which is a West Australian company that is well-known in the market by its expertise in hot water systems installations and maintenance.

We have earned our reputation in the Australia market due to our extensive & practical industry experience by offering the latest Solar systems technology (Hot water and Solar Power) combined with highly personalised service and expert advice.

Eurosun saves you time researching as our experienced team will take you through the right product, which best suits your individual needs & be cost-effective.

Why Eurosun is different? 

We customize Solar energy solutions to meet your needs.

Our Mission

Eurosun mission is to offer our customers the very best solar energy solution tailored to their needs. This is why hundreds of West Australian’s have chosen to join the Eurosun Family, knowing they will receive the very best pre and post-sale experience as a customer.

Key benefits:

1. Friendly & professional customer service approach

Eurosun believes that our customers deserve the best quality product & service to meet their needs. Our goal is to make sure our customer’s high level of satisfaction is achieved by saving time and offering friendly and personalized customer service. From a free quote and unbiased technical advice, professional installation and caring attitude during installation and after sales process. Once the installation is completed ‘Eurosun welcomed package’ is given as well as a curtesy call to make sure each customer is satisfied. These actions demonstrates that Eurosun values its customers.

2. Latest Solar technology:

We are specialised in providing solar systems that harness the latest solar technology, to produce high results in terms of maximum operational efficiency for your home or business.

Eurosun is well known by its Hot Water Systems, which includes the high-quality Solar Rooftop system that has 38 STCs with the highest energy rating in the market – What does it mean to you? The Eurosun product generates more Solar energy than its competitors so it provides you with maximum operational efficiency at an economical price.

3. Global & diverse range of Products

Eurosun supplies a global & diverse range of Solar energy systems. It is constantly expanding its Solar energy product range to ensure we save our customers time to find the right Solar hot water system or Solar power system to meet their needs.

4. Less Maintenance and Repairs

Our Solar systems requires less maintenance and repairs for a longer time due to the quality engineering of our products and our accredited team expertise in installation.

5. Product & Service Warranty

Product Warranty:

It is immediately activated once the installation is completed, so you do not waste your time to activate your warranty online. It covers manufacturer parts and components repairs subject to terms of your warranty.

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Service warranty:

It is provided to you inside the ‘Welcomed to the Eurosun family packaged’, which is handled upon the completion of the installation. It covers installation, and it is subject to terms of your warranty.

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6. Government rebates

Eurosun solar hot water and power systems are eligible for government rebates based on the small-scale technology certificate (STC*). Ring us to find out more.

* It is an indicator of how much renewable energy a system can generate, and our products are among the highest rated systems available.

7. Finance options available

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and we understand that a full payment upfront may not be ideal. Therefore, we offer flexible payment options that allow you to pay for your chosen solar system over time. Our customers have an option to choose Brighte – an Australian company that was established in 2015 – which has a variety of finance plans to help our customers to get the right Eurosun product and pay it back over time.

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8. Maximise ground space

Eurosun helps choosing the right product to take full advantage of the outdoor area. Our Solar Rooftop range provides few alternatives to upgrade a unit or townhouse with a Solar system.

9. Increase your property value

Investing in a Eurosun Solar system not only ensures save of money and reduction of energy use, but it also adds value to our customer’s property worth by acquiring a desirable sustainable environment feature to their homes.

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