Eurosun PV Direct 270L

Eurosun PC Direct 270L
PV Direct Certifications

Latest solar hot water technology saves up to 90% on your water heating bills.

Total of 5 years.

Key Features

TickMaximum electric efficiency: PV Direct technology is an innovation in solar technology because the energy stays in DC format from the solar panel, which minimises power loss.

TickLess maintenance required: PV Direct technology was created to reduce the number of moving parts to fail and pumps to replace.

TickQuick & easy installation: The system installation can be done quicker and easier because it does not require plumbing on the roof.

TickElectric boosting: This system comes with an electric booster to ensure continuous hot water supply during the periods of low solar contribution or high hot water demand.

TickOptional Gas boosting: It can be installed to ensure continuous hot water supply during the periods of low solar contribution or high hot water demand.

TickNo water on the roof: It eliminates the water on the roof and is suitable for a standard fitment in frost/snow areas as there is no water on the roof to freeze.

TickCustomised solar panels: This system allows the customer to choose their solar panels in order to meet their individual needs.

TickController has visual indicator: An LCD reader shows the amount of power generated on a daily basis.

TickFlexible installation of the cylinder in terms of location to give customers more options to install this system.

Tick Excellent option in rural areas due to standard replacement of parts and less maintenance required.

TickLong cylinder life: The cylinder has a dedicated DC electrical circuit. In this circuit a DC approved over temperature cut out (PV-OTC) is installed to prolong its life by simply turning off or redirecting the PV DC power when the tank reached the required temperature, eliminating over heating of system components.

Titanium Blue

This confidential formula is acid-corrosion resistant, alkali corrosion resistant, temperature rapid change resistant, tight and hot water corrosion resistant. Other technical indicators of enamel are in line with the German DIN4753-3 standards.


Extremely thick and high intensity thermal protection performance.


The shell adopts high efficiency, heat galvanised plate and an outdoor painting process. It has the features of anti erosion and rust proof to help ensure prolonged service span.

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Technical Specifications

System Power (nom.) 1470W 2220W 2960W 3700W
Number of PV Panels 4 (2×2 Panels) 6 (2×3 Panels) 8 (2×4 Panels) 10 (2×5 Panels)
Height 220mm
Width 145mm
Electric or Gas Boost Option
Electric Boost 2.4kW 3.6kW
Gas Boost 17 L/h instant 21 L/h instant 26 L/h instant 32 L/h instant
Diameter 652mm Rated Delivery 250L
Overall Height 1470mm Boost Capacity 130L
Inlet Height 105mm PTR (Hot Relief) 850 kPa
Outlet Height 1220mm ECV (Cold Relief) 700 kPa
Storage Capacity 270L Max Supply Temp 70°C

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Eurosun saves your time: All warranties activated online for you.

All products come with the manufacturer warranty, which covers manufacturer parts and components repairs subject to terms of the warranty.

The product manual with warranty is handed to our customers once the installation is completed.

The Eurosun PV Direct 270L comes with:

TickTank warranty: Total of 6 years.

TickControl warranty: Total of 3 years.

Tank warranty:

Tank 6 Year Warranty

Total of 6 years.

Control warranty:

Control 3 Year Warranty

Total of 3 years.


Eurosun PV Direct systems has the following certifications listed below:

Australian certifications:


International certifications:

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