Solar Hot Water Armadale WA 6112

Armadale WA 6112

Do you own a home in Armadale? As a homeowner, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve your property’s energy efficiency and reduce monthly costs. Fortunately, increasing the value of your property is as simple as installing one of Eurosun’s solar hot water systems.

Our high-quality water heating systems will ensure that there is always hot water in your home. Heating your water with a solar system is as environmentally friendly as it gets. It makes use of free, limitless sunshine, and the system emits no harmful pollutants during the water heating process.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in Armadale

As a homeowner, you need a low-maintenance water heating solution that doesn’t take up a lot of space, and that has low running costs. Since you mount the Eurosun water heater on your roof, it is perfect for smaller properties like townhouses.

The most significant benefit of these units is that they cost nothing to heat your water. They require no maintenance and will provide your house with up to 85% of your water heating needs for many years to come.

Investing in one of these units will increase the value, functionality, and energy efficiency of your property. The running costs of these systems are significantly lower than conventional electricity or gas heating systems.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Armadale

All households are different and have unique water heating requirements. At Eurosun, we have two systems available: a 200-litre system and a 300-litre system. If your family consists of 1-3 people, a 200-litre tank is sufficient. If 3-5 people are living in your home, on the other hand, you need a 300-litre system.

The 200-litre tank has one collector panel, and the 300-litre water heater has two collector panels. Both options are aimed at optimal space usage while receiving maximum heat from the sun.

Each system consists of a solar collector and a storage tank. As the water flows through the pipe in the collector, it gets heated by the sun. It then flows back into the geyser where it stays until you use it in your home.

One of the more significant drawbacks of any solar system is that it needs sunlight to heat water. Fortunately, Eurosun’s products have a backup electricity booster to heat your water when it is a cloudy day or when your family uses more hot water than usual. If you prefer gas to electricity, you can add a gas booster.

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Every household needs a generous supply of hot water on a daily basis. Heating water with gas or electricity is not only energy inefficient, but it can cost you a lot of money over time.

Eurosun offers high-quality hot water products and services, including heat pump maintenance, repairs, and hot water system installation. We also offer finance options, allowing you to pay for your water heating system over time.

To increase your property’s value, reduce your electricity costs, and improve the energy efficiency of your home, contact Eurosun today.

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