Solar Hot Water Balcatta WA 6021

Balcatta WA 6021

Hot water is one of the average household’s most basic needs. The problem that many homeowners face, however, is the costs of heating water with electricity or gas.

As the owner of a property in Balcatta, you need a water heating solution that is useful, energy efficient, and economic. By installing a solar hot water system, you can eliminate almost all the challenges that come with electric and gas heaters.

Eurosun’s high-end water heaters are mountable on your roof, they are energy-efficient, and they are easy to maintain. Keep reading to learn more about our solar water heaters and their multiple benefits.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in Balcatta

The most significant consideration when switching from gas or electricity geysers to solar heaters is the cost. Although you will be saving on your monthly electricity bill, you also want to know that your solar water heating system is a practical choice.

The water heating systems from Eurosun offer sufficient longevity. After installing one of our units, you can rest assured that the heater will perform optimally for many years. The solar water heater is also mountable on your roof. It doesn’t take up valuable space, and the heater gets maximum energy from the sun.

A Eurosun solar heater can meet up to 85% of your household hot water demands without costing you a cent. In addition to low running costs, these units require almost no maintenance. If saving money and energy efficiency is important to you, look no further than one of our top-of-the-range solar models.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Balcatta

Eurosun offer two water heating system. Our qualified team can help you to determine which unit will be the best to meet your household’s needs. You can choose from a 200-litre and 300-litre system.

The 200-litre system consists of a 200-litre insulated tank and a single collector panel. This system is ideal for households of one to three people. The 300-litre system has a double collector panel and can supply a family of up to five people with hot water.

A Eurosun water heater’s insulated tank and collector panel work together to heat your water. The cold water flows from the tank through the pipes in the collector panel and back to the tank. Since the sun heats up these pipes, the water is warm by the time it flows back into the insulated container.

On cloudy days, the sun will not be able to heat the water effectively for household use. Fortunately, Eurosun’s systems have in-tank elements that switch on automatically and heat up the water.

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The benefits of a hot water system installation for outweigh the costs. When it comes to solar or heat pump installations, repairs, and plumbing, Eurosun offers high-end products and services. We can also provide you with different financing options that are flexible and suited to your needs.

If you live in Balcatta and are tired of costly and energy inefficient water heating, contact Eurosun today.

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