Solar Hot Water Baldivis WA 6171

Baldivis WA 6171

As a homeowner in Baldivis, there is a chance that water heating is one of your most significant monthly expenses. Electric and gas water heaters are energy inefficient, and they can cost a lot of money over the long-run.

The good news is that you don’t have to use these expensive appliances to provide your family with hot water. Eurosun’s solar hot water systems have no running costs, and they are environmentally friendly. Since these water heaters make use of the sun’s radiation to heat your water, the heating process doesn’t cost anything. The unit also doesn’t emit CO2 or any other pollutants that are harmful to the environment.

Another benefit of this water heating system is that you can mount it on your roof where it is out of your way and in the best position to get maximum energy from the sun. The fact that the systems are roof mountable make them ideal for smaller properties that don’t have a lot of usable space.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in Baldivis

Apart from saving on water heating costs, Eurosun’s water heating units are also more affordable than their electric counterparts. Since the installation of one of these products is relatively simple, you can expect the costs of fitting it to your roof to be relatively low as well.

Eurosun’s hot water systems offer excellent value for money. A solar heater gets its energy directly from the sun and can provide the people in your household with up to 85% of their water heating needs. Installing a Eurosun heater to your roof can also increase the value of your home since it is entirely energy efficient and doesn’t require any maintenance.

Because of these products’ affordability and low routine costs, buying and installing a solar heater is a significant investment in your building.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Baldivis

Every household is different when it comes to the number of people and demand for hot water. Eurosun offers two different solar hot water systems. You can determine which system is appropriate for your family by consulting with our team of experts.

You can choose from two solar heating systems: a 200-litre and a 300-litre.

The 200-litre system is typically more suitable to meet the demands of up to three people. It has a 200-litre insulated tank and a single solar collector panel. The 300-litre system can provide up to 5 people with a constant supply of water. This system has a double collector panel.

If you have an existing water heating system, Eurosun can replace your old system entirely and expertly install your new solar system to your roof. A building’s roof is typically where your solar system is in the most optimal position for using the sun’s energy.

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Contact Eurosun today to start saving money and improve your property’s value. We can also provide you with heat pump installation and repairs.

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