Solar Hot Water Bibra Lake WA 6163

Bibra Lake WA 6163

Do you own a property in Bibra Lake? As a homeowner, you can increase the value of your building by merely installing one of Eurosun’s high-end solar hot water systems. Although conventional electrical or gas water heaters may get the job done, they operate at incredibly high costs. If saving money is a priority, you may want to consider switching to solar.

Solar water heaters are environmentally friendly. They consist of recyclable components, and they don’t require any natural resources to heat water – only radiation from the sun.

In addition to being energy-efficient, a solar heating unit is a practical option, especially when it comes to optimising the space in your home. Since you can fit the solar water heating systems on a building’s roof, they don’t occupy available space. The fact that you can fit them to a building in this way makes them suitable for use in smaller properties as well.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in Bibra Lake

The biggest benefit of a Eurosun solar hot water system is affordability. You can save money in many ways if you install a solar water heater.

Firstly, there are no costs to heat water with solar energy during the day. Solar radiation is free. It beams down on your roof on most days without you having to pay for it – unlike gas or electricity. \

Eurosun also takes care to develop their products with the latest solar technologies available. The reduces the products’ maintenance requirements significantly, which contributes to lower long-term costs.

Since these units have increased longevity, low operating costs, and high quality, fitting them to your roof constitutes a sound investment in your building. Generally speaking, one of these heaters can provide up to 85% of all the hot water that your household needs during the day.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Bibra Lake

Now that you know you need a solar hot water system, you may be curious as to what systems are available. To cater for families of all sizes, Eurosun has two high-end systems available: a 200-litre system and a 300-litre system.

For families that consist of up to five people, the 300-litre unit is more suitable. If there are three or fewer people in your home, however, a 200-litre system will be more than sufficient. Before you decide on a system, contact Eurosun’s team of experts to schedule a consultation and find out more about your water heating requirements.

Something that puts may people off to solar water systems is lacking performance on overcast days. With a Eurosun project, however, this is not a problem as all our units come with a heating element in the insulated storage tank to ensure that you have enough hot water to make it through the day.

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