Solar Hot Water Claremont WA 6010

Claremont WA 6010

Are you looking for a renewable energy way to heat up the water of your home in Claremont? One of the first steps to reduce your monthly utility bill and boost your home’s energy efficiency is to replace your existing water heater with a solar hot water system.

Eurosun’s high-end hot water systems are the environmentally friendly option if you want to increase the value of your property. They also offer a wide range of benefits that can save you money in the long-run.

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Affordable Solar Hot Water in Claremont

The primary benefit of installing a solar hot water system from Eurosun is that it will allow you to save a ton of money. These units make use of the sun’s free and limitless radiation waves to heat your water. Since one of these heaters can provide your household with up to 85% of its hot water needs, your monthly utility bill will decrease significantly.

The best place to install one of these systems is on your building’s roof. A roof installation allows for maximum exposure from the sun as well as the optimal usage of space in your home. Chances are that your current system is taking up a lot of space in your house that you can use for storage or aesthetic features.

An additional benefit is that a solar water heater from Eurosun features all the latest solar technology. They have no maintenance requirements, so your long-term routine costs are lower. These products are also entirely reliable and hassle-free.

Because Eurosun delivers exceptional renewable energy products, we are eligible for returns on small-scale technology certificates (STC’s). These returns allow us to provide you with solar products and services that are affordable without compromising quality.

Since our solar products are reliable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and a source of cost-free hot water, installing one of our units can increase the value of your property significantly. Contact Eurosun to discuss your water heating needs.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Claremont

As a homeowner, you can’t install any hot water system. You have to find a specific system that will cater to your household’s unique needs. Eurosun offers a 200-litre as well as a 300-litre system. Although these systems work on the same mechanism, they have different capacities and physical sizes.

For families of up to five people, you need a 300-litre system. If there are three or fewer people in your household, however, you may be able to get away with a 200-litre system. The size of your family is not the only determining factor, however. Contact our team of solar experts at Eurosun for advice on choosing a suitable system for your needs.

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Eurosun provides homeowners in Claremont with high-quality hot water systems and installation as well as heat pumps, hot water plumbing, repairs, and advice. We also offer our clients flexible financing options.

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