Solar Hot Water Dalkeith WA 6009

Dalkeith WA 6009

Eliminating the costs of heating water in a household can make a significant difference to your savings and lifestyle. If you own a house in Dalkeith, replacing your existing electrical water heating unit is more affordable than you may think.

Eurosun offers high-end hot water solar systems that use the sun’s energy to heat up the water for your home. Since sunlight is abundant and free, it is the ideal solution to reduce your household’s carbon footprint and monthly utility bill.

There are a number of benefits to installing a solar water heating unit. You mount the unit on your roof, which frees up space elsewhere on your property. Since solar units require less ground space than conventional water heaters, this type is ideal for smaller property types like townhouses.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in Dalkeith

Many homeowners in Dalkeith have replaced their electric or gas heating systems with solar ones. The primary benefit of these systems is their affordability. The affordability of our units is due to many factors.

Eurosun delivers products with a high energy renewable rating, which makes us eligible for returns on small-scale technology certificates (STC’s). Since our input costs per unit are lower, we can provide you with products at prices that are as low as possible.

During the development and production of our products, we employ the latest technology to ensure reliability and low maintenance requirements. High-quality product development also lowers your long-term costs on the repair and replacement of unit components.

The biggest reason for the units’ affordability is the fact that it makes use of solar power to heat up to 85% of the hot water that your household consumes every day. The sun’s radiation is free, unlike electricity and gas.

Eurosun’s solar water heaters are long-lasting and cost-effective. Installing one to your roof can increase the value of your property in Dalkeith significantly. Contact Eurosun to learn more about the benefits of these products.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Dalkeith

To derive optimal value from your solar hot water system, you have to choose a unit that is suited your household’s unique needs. Eurosun offers two systems. Before deciding on a system, contact our team to discuss your family’s needs to ensure that you choose the correct unit.

All our hot water systems consist of a collector panel and an insulated tank. The water flows from the insulated tank through the pipes in the collector panel and back into the container. The heating of the water takes place as the water flows through the warm tubes inside the panel.

Eurosun’s water heaters have an additional heating element inside the insulated containers to heat water during overcast days or when your household consumers more hot water than usual. The element switches on automatically and ensures that you always have a consistent stream of hot water in your home.

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