Solar Hot Water East Victoria Park WA 6101

East Victoria Park WA 6101

A system that absorbs the sun’s energy to heat your water is much more energy efficient and affordable in the long-run than electrical or gas units. As a homeowner in East Victoria Park, you may have given thought top replacing your existing system with one that makes more financial sense.

Apart from saving you money, a hot water solar system is also environmentally friendly. It doesn’t emit any CO2 or harmful pollutants during the heating process, and it doesn’t use any natural resources. Instead, it uses the sun’s heat.

Eurosun provides homeowners in East Victoria park with highly sophisticated solar water heaters and installation services. Since we fit the hot water system to your roof, it has the additional benefit of freeing up ground space elsewhere on your property. Keep reading to learn more about our solar heating systems and their multiple benefits.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in East Victoria Park

Installing a solar water heating system to your roof can have many benefits. The most significant one, however, is the fact that it is the most affordable water heating method available today. If you take an extensive look at your household’s monthly expenses, you may find that reducing your water heating expenses can make a big difference to your budget.

A solar water heater’s affordability is due to many factors. For one, it doesn’t use expensive sources of energy like gas or electricity. Since a Eurosun can supply up to 85% of your household’s hot water from solar energy, this can reduce your utility bills significantly.

Another reason why solar water heating from a Eurosun system is so affordable is our renewable energy rating. We are eligible for small-scale certificate returns which reduces our input costs per unit.

Our products are also reliable and require almost no maintenance, which reduces your costs over the long-haul. You also won’t have to spend a lot on repairing and replacing system components.

Solar Hot Water Systems available in East Victoria Park

Now that you understand the benefits of installing a solar hot water system, you have to know what you need regarding heating capacity and water storage. Eurosun offers two systems: a 200-litre system and a 300-litre system.

The 300-litre system is suitable for families of up to five people, and the 200-litre system is ideal if your household consists of up to three people. Each system has an insulated tank with an electrical heating element. This element makes it possible to have a consistent supply of hot water, even if it is a cloudy day or your household demand for hot water is more than usual.

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