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Inglewood WA 6052

Water heating plays an integral role in the everyday functioning of a residential home. The problem that many property owners have, however, is that heating water with electricity or gas can be quite expensive. It is also energy inefficient and harmful to the environment.

If you own a home in Inglewood, there is a simple way to overcome this problem and increase the value of your property in the process. Eurosun offers high-end solar hot water systems that are roof-mountable and economical regarding ground space usage.

Solar water heating doesn’t make use of scarce natural resources. Instead, it uses solar radiation as a source of energy. It is a clean, cost-effective, and reliable technology that can save you a ton of money over the coming years.

Keep reading to learn more about solar water heating and how you can incorporate it into your household.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in Inglewood

A solar water heating system collects thermal energy of the sun rather than natural gas or electricity. Since this is a free source of energy, heating your water with this method doesn’t cost you anything. Eurosun’s solar hot water systems can supply up to 85% of your home’s demand with water heated by the sun’s radiation.

Low heating costs are not the only financial benefit of installing one of these systems to your roof. Eurosun offers high-quality products that are reliable. Our systems don’t require extensive routine maintenance, and the costs of repairing or replacing system components are lower than other similar products available in Inglewood.

Since our products are long-lasting and operate at low running costs, installing one of our solar heating systems to your home can increase the value of your property.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Inglewood

Now that you understand the benefits associated with Eurosun’s high-end solar water heating products, the good news is that you don’t have to go outside Inglewood to find these systems and arrange their installation.

Your next step is to determine what you need in terms of storage and energy metrics. Eurosun offers a 200-litre system as well as a 300-litre system. Both these systems are high-performing products that can provide your home with a steady supply of hot water.

Each system consists of a solar collector, insulated piping, and a hot water storage tank. On the inside of the container is a heating element to keep the water at an optimal temperature. You can choose from an electric or gas booster to heat up your water supply on cloudy days or when your household demand is higher than usual.

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We also offer flexible financing options as we understand that making a once-off payment is not always possible.

As a layperson, you may not be sure how big your Eurosun hot water system should be to meet your household demands. Contact Eurosun today to discuss your needs and start saving money.

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