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North Perth WA 6006

As a residential homeowner, you may find it increasingly difficult to stay on top of all your household expenses. The costs of water alone can add up to a substantial amount of money over time, especially if you have an old water heating system.

What most property owners never think about is that simply replacing their outdated water heating system with solar hot water unit can make a vast difference – not only to your monthly costs but also to your home’s energy efficiency.

Maybe you understand that solar water heaters are beneficial to your household, but you don’t know where to get information or start the process of replacing your existing geyser with a solar water heater.

As a property owner in North Perth, you can now learn about solar hot water systems and arrange a complete installation within a matter of days. Eurosun provides high-quality solar water heaters and a wide range of complementary services. Keep reading to learn more about solar hot water systems and the benefits of using Eurosun in North Perth.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in North Perth

Many people understand that solar water heating systems save money, but they may not be sure why that is. All water heating systems use a source of energy. Conventional systems like the one you may have in your home may use electricity or natural gasses.

Solar water heating units use the sun’s thermal energy to heat water. The difference between solar energy and other energy sources is that solar power doesn’t cost anything and it is not a scarce natural resource.

Using the sun’s thermal energy have two primary benefits. Firstly, using this source doesn’t cost as much as electricity or gas. With solar energy alone, a water heating system can meet up to 85% of a household’s demand for hot water.

The second benefit is energy efficiency. Your household doesn’t contribute to the depletion of scarce natural resources, so your water heating system is environmentally friendly. Your family also stops being dependant on electricity as far as water heating is concerned.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in North Perth

Eurosun has 200-litre and 300-litre systems available in North Perth. To determine which one of these systems is suitable for your needs, consider the size of your household. Families with up to five members may need a 300-litre system. If there are fewer than three people in your house, a 200-litre system will be sufficient.

The number of people in your home is not the only consideration, however, and it will be a good idea to contact Eurosun and schedule a consultation to find out which system is ideal for your needs.

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Eurosun offers a wide range of services in North Perth, including hot water plumbing, heat pump repairs, and solar hot water system installations. We also offer our clients flexible financing options.

If you are serious about energy efficiency and saving money, contact Eurosun today.

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