Solar Hot Water Osborne Park WA 6017

Osborne Park WA 6017

Many property owners know that it is crucial to improve their buildings’ energy efficiency. Improving the energy efficiency of a building can, however, be a challenging prospect as many people don’t know what it entails.

Water heating is a good place to start, as the bulk of energy that people use in a home goes to increasing water temperatures. By replacing water heating systems that run off gas or electricity with solar water heating systems, you can improve your home’s use of energy significantly.

If you live in Osborne Park, switching solar water heating has never been easier. Eurosun provides high-quality solar hot water systems in this area as well as an array of high-end complementary services.

The first step is to understand what solar water heating systems can do for your home’s energy efficiency and, perhaps more importantly, your pocket.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in Osborne Park

If you compare the sources of energy of conventional water heating systems with the sun’s thermal energy that solar water heating systems use, the benefits of the latter become clear.

Water heating systems that run off electricity or natural gasses rely on a limited source of energy for power. Since these resources are scarce, they are expensive. The sun’s thermal energy, on the other hand, is available in abundance. It is an effective and clean source of energy for heating water and, best of all, it is entirely free.

One of Eurosun’s solar water heating units can supply a whopping 85% of a household’s entire demand of hot water, effectively reducing your electricity to 15% of what it was, if not lower. These water heating systems are also made from high-quality materials and feature the latest solar technologies available today.

Since these systems last for years and have minimal maintenance requirements, you can expect your routine water heating costs to be at an all-time low.

Solar water heating systems are typically roof-mountable. Because they don’t occupy space inside your home, they have the hidden benefit of being ideal for small building types such as townhouses.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Osborne Park

As a property owner in Osborne Park, working with a professional team like Eurosun will ensure the optimal choice and installation of your solar hot water system. Eurosun has a 200-litre system and a 300-litre system available in Osborne Park.

To decide on one of these systems, you have to consider the number of people in your home, as well as their daily demand for hot water. Consulting with one of Eurosun’s solar experts will ensure that opt for a model that will meet your household’s unique requirements.

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