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Salter Point WA 6152

As a property owner, you may feel the urge to switch to a solar water heating system – not only to make your home energy efficient and environmentally friendly but also to use less electricity and save money.

The problem that may homeowner have is that they don’t understand what it entails to switch from an electric or gas water heating system to a solar water heating system. If you live in Salter Point, however, you have access to Eurosun’s wide range of high-end products and services.

When you purchase one of our high-end solar hot water systems or use our installation services, will give you sufficient information so that you can make informed decisions and switch to a heating system that is tailored to you and your family’s hot water needs.

Affordable Solar Hot Water in Salter Point

Eurosun’s solar hot water systems use solar radiation energy to heat up your water. Solar radiation or thermal energy is not a scarce resource and, unlike electricity and natural gasses, it is completely free.

Modern solar heating systems are also much more effective than they were when they first started seeing the light of day. A system from Eurosun can provide your household with up to 85% of its daily hot water requirement.

Our high-quality heating systems are long-lasting and reliable. When you install one of our systems, you can be sure that you will spend almost nothing on routine maintenance. Additionally, our systems are roof-mountable and ideal for smaller properties that don’t have a lot of interior space.

Since we have a high renewable energy rating, we can make our products and services available to you at an affordable price. We can do this because we are eligible for returns on small-scale technology certificates.

Since solar heating units have all these benefits, installing one of our high-end solar water heating systems in your home can increase the value of your price significantly.

Solar Hot Water Systems Available in Salter Point

Many people regard solar water heating systems as only partly useful. Water heating can only occur if the sun shines on the collector panel and isolated piping.

Although this is true, Eurosun’s solar hot water models have a heating element that switches on automatically when the water temperature drops below a certain level. This element allows for a steady supply of warm water to your household, even during cloudy days or nights.

You can choose to power the additional element with either electricity or gas. Since solar heating takes care of the bulk of your home’s water supply, use of this element is minimal.

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Eurosun provides top-of-the-range solar heating units and complementary services to all residents in Salter Point, including hot water plumbing, heat pump repairs, and installation of solar hot water systems. We also offer our clients extensive advice and information their solar heating systems.

If you can’t pay an upfront amount, we can also offer your flexible financing options. To start saving on your electricity bill, contact Eurosun today.

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