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  • Free old unit disposal
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    Prices are based on the assumption that the existing system on the premises is in compliance with all relevant laws and codes. Additional costs will apply if extras are needed to bring a system up to standard or if additional valves are needed for the reliable installation of the new hot water system. * Tempering valves are required on all installations where there is a change in type or capacity of the hot water system.

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    Straight swap means Unit and Max 1.5hrs labour, additional labour and parts will be advised if needed.

  • 2 Years Workmanship warranty



The Wilson Super X is a continuous flow instantaneous electric hot water heater. The Super X Electric Instantaneous Water Heater is energy efficient as it will only heat water as required and therefore suitable for areas that have space restraints. The heater has no storage and will continually heat as water passes over the heating elements. The Wilson Super X does not require a safetray or water saving devices.

The Super X can be installed virtually anywhere and is available in 18 amp 3 phase which will allow for a 40 C rise over the ambient water temperature at 4 litres per minute.

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